2024 ‘Living with Cancer’ (ISM) Session – CanRevive City Sydney Centre

2024年2月21日 (Wed 星期三)

New Trends in Cancer Treatment (A/Prof Steven Kao, Oncologist )
2024年2月28日 (Wed 星期三)

1. Common Side effects and Coping Strategies of Cancer Treatments (Dr Alison Zhang, Oncologist )
2. Making Decision for Cancer Treatment (Dr Mun Hui, Oncologist )
2024年3月6日 (Wed 星期三)

1. Nutrition for Cancer Patients (Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Dietician Team Dietitian )
2. Support from Social Workers (Ms Jane Adams, Social Worker)
2024年3月13日 (Wed 星期三)

Integrative Cancer Care and Wellness Programme (A/Prof Judith Lacey and Living Room Team)

All newly (within the last 2 years) diagnosed cancer patients and their families/carers are welcome.

All participants must register before the event.

Time: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: Level 5, Education Centre, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
Cost: Free admission
Cantonese/ Mandarin Interpretation service available

Enquiry & Registration:
CanRevive City Sydney Centre
Tel: (02) 9212 7789/ 0491 051 706
Email: info@canrevive.com