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CanRevive Inc. is a public benevolent institution, established in 1995 at Haymarket Sydney, by two cancer survivors and one carer to support Chinese speaking people through their cancer journey. Its aim is to help to minimize the impact of cancer on patients and their families by providing information and emotional support to cater for their cultural and linguistic needs.

In 2008, a branch centre was set up in Hurstville. The use of this premises was donated, and services are being offered to clients living in the Southern suburbs.

In June 2011, the CanRevive Cancer Foundation was established. Its main purpose is to raise funds to secure the continuation of CanRevive Inc. services and to raise the level of financial accountability and transparency.

Our Beginnings

Three Chinese women, two former cancer patients and one former carer, experienced the benefits of support groups and the value of information during their battle with cancer. It was their wish that Chinese language speaking cancer patients will be able to have similar supports in their own language.

With the help of Cancer Council and a generous donor who provided free meeting rooms, the women began to offer information service and group meetings in Chinese languages in July 1995. They called their organization “CanRevive.

It was the first time such a service was ever offered in Australia.

Our Aims

The name CanRevive in Chinese means “making-over of oneself”.

We encourage our members to manage their illness by understanding themselves, the cancer they are afflicted with and the treatment they are being given.

We want to provide an environment whereby cancer patients can share their experience with other survivors and learn new skills on the way.

We want to provide our members a sanctuary where they can express their fears and hopes; joys and sorrow without indulging in unrealistic hopes.

Our Vision

NO ONE should face cancer alone.

Our Mission

To provide direct relief of stress and sufferings of cancer patients and their carers by offering emotional support and information services.

Our Services

We provide the following free services:

  • Home and hospital visits by trained volunteers.
  • Telephone support for the home-bound.
  • Centre based support group meetings.
  • Quarterly outings and picnics to places of interest.
  • Support for carers of cancer patients.
  • Opportunities to learn new interests such as Chinese calligraphy, yoga, singing, and handicrafts.

Information in Chinese language through:

  • Information talks on cancer and related matters by top professionals
  • On-line information from CanRevive Website
  • A multi-media Library Service
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • We also run an annual fund raising dinner which is our main fund raising event.

Our supporters

Volunteers form the backbone of our work.

We are aided by:

  • Regional councils for on-going support.
  • Cancer Institute NSW for funding of projects.
  • Cancer Council for training our volunteers.
  • A panel of expert professional advisors for our various activities.
  • Top bi-lingual health professionals for monthly information talks.
  • Financial support from Chinese community organisations and individual donors.
  • Chinese media for promotion and dissemination of cancer related information.

Our Service Statistics

  • To date, we have helped well over 8000 cancer patients and their families.
  • Every week, over 250 people attend activities in our four centres.
  • In recent years, our services touch the lives of about 350 new cancer patients and carers each year.

Our strength

  • We have a culture of dedication, compassion and single mindedness to improve the quality of life of cancer sufferers.
  • We draw on the traditional strength in the Chinese culture of interdependence. We enhance the support of the family, the community and at the same time, emphasize the spirit of self-reliance.
  • As a volunteer based service, we have low administrative costs and a flat management structure.
  • We have unstinting support from our members, patients who share their spiritual strength with fellow members.
  • We have recognition from all levels of government.
  • We have generous donors.

How you can help?

  • If you are a corporate body, sponsor our activities and put us in your charitable donor’s list.
  • If you are professionals in the health field, join our panel of speakers’ list.
  • If you are a cancer patient or a family member, contribute your ideas and keep up with our activities.
  • If you are a government funding body, let us know how you can help us gain more funding and provide better service.
  • All donations made to CanRevive Inc. are tax deductible.