President’s Message

2017 marks twenty-two years of continuous service that CanRevive has provided for cancer patients and their carers in the Chinese community in Sydney. While the core values and objectives of CanRevive have not changed since its inception, service deliveries have been adapted to fit in with the continuous changes in the social, economic and demographic environment in and around Sydney affecting the Chinese community. From the initial seven volunteers, that included the three founders, in the early days of Canrevive’s operation, there are now seven staff and over one hundred volunteers involved in the delivery of a wide range of services. These are provided not only to cancer patients, their carers, families and friends, but also to the general public in the Chinese community, especially in the form of public information sessions and advocacy on issues that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for the Chinese community. With the formation of CanRevive Cancer Foundation, which is tasked with fundraising and the management of the financial assets of CanRevive Inc., Executive Committee Members together with staff and volunteers are on track to further develop CanRevive Inc.’s operational model going forward. In line with changing demands from members of CanRevive and the Chinese community of Sydney, an outreach program that was started in 2008 in Hurstville, has been extended to four regions of Sydney, namely central & inner west, southern, southern western and northern .Each region now has designated staff as coordinators. Whereas core support programs and public information sessions have been and will continue to be central to CanRevive’s delivery of services to cancer patients and their carers, the format and process of engagement will differ between the four regions. In recent years, CanRevive, through its dedicated staff and volunteers, has devoted considerable efforts towards the development in each of the regions a network of collaborators that included local medical institutions and medical professionals, community organizations and local Governments. Together with input from Federal and State Governments as well as other National and State bodies involved in not only the medical field, but also in areas of social engagement. CanRevive was able to continuously refine and improve on the information and support services it delivers to the community. For instance, there are now more public information sessions being delivered on weekends at various locations. CanRevive will further consolidate and refine this mode of operation in the coming years. In the area of management and administration, CanRevive will continue to ensure that a sustainable corporate structure is maintained to support its service focused operation. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome The Hon Justice Peter Garling RFD who became CanRevive’s Honorary Patron. We are also eternally grateful for the ongoing and generous support from our many donors and supporters that have enabled CanRevive to continuously provide effective and efficient services to the Chinese Community free of charge. We urge you to continue your ardent support for CanRevive, because your support is our strength.