CanRevive Inc. provides the largest range of free professional services to ensure no one is alone when navigating life with cancer.

About CanRevive

CanRevive Inc. is a public benevolent institution, established in 1995 at Haymarket Sydney, by two cancer survivors and one carer to support Chinese speaking people through their cancer journey. Its aim is to help to minimize the impact of cancer on patients and their families by providing information and emotional support to cater for their cultural and linguistic needs.

In 2008, a branch centre was set up in Hurstville. The use of this premises was donated, and services are being offered to clients living in the Southern suburbs.

In June 2011, the CanRevive Cancer Foundation was established. Its main purpose is to raise funds to secure the continuation of CanRevive Inc. services and to raise the level of financial accountability and transparency.

Three Chinese women, two former cancer patients and one former carer, experienced the benefits of support groups and the value of information during their battle with cancer. It was their wish that Chinese language speaking cancer patients will be able to have similar supports in their own language…

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