CanRevive Inc. is a public benevolent institution, established in 1995 by two cancer survivors & a carer to support Chinese speaking people through their cancer journey. Its aim is to help to minimize the impact of cancer on patients and carers by providing free information and emotional support services to cater for their cultural and linguistic needs.
更生會為一個非牟利的華人慈善機構,由兩位癌症康復者及一位關顧者於 1995 年成立,宗旨是為華 人癌症病患者及其關顧者提供免費的資訊及情緒支援服務,務求減輕癌症對他們的衝擊。
Please complete the following when making a referral to CanRevive. 如需要轉介任何一位癌症病患者或關顧者至本會,請填妥下列表格:

Referral Form