New procedures before entering CanRevive premises

New procedures before entering CanRevive premises

To ensure a COVID-19 safe environment for everyone involved, the following procedures will be implemented for everyone entering into our office premises:

1. Everyone entering the premises will need to have his/her body temperature measured. If his/her has been detected to have a high temperature, then the person will be refused entry.

2. After temperature tested, the person will proceed to the hand sanitizing station to have his/her hands washed.

3. If the person doesn’t have a mask on them, CanRevive volunteer or staff member on duty will hand out a face mask and to direct the person to put it on.

4. The person will then finally need to sign in with his/her CanRevive Membership Card or manually on book at the reception for contact tracing purpose prior to entering the meeting room or other parts of the premises.

Thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.