Handmade Jewellery Workshops for Cancer Survivors and Carers – CanRevive Western Sydney Service Centre

Do you want to make customised necklaces/earrings/bracelets/rings for your loved ones and yourself? Come along even if you have never thought about jewellery making before, as it is a great opportunity to meet new people. Many survivors and carers find peace and distraction in jewellery making while living with cancer.


Date: 2 June – 30 June 2023 (every Friday, 5 workshops in total)

Time: 10:30 am–12:00 pm

Target Group: CanRevive Members

Instructor: Ms. Lei Yu (Jewellery Designer)

No. of Participants: 8

Language: Mandarin

Fee: $ 5 per workshop to cover the cost of jewellery tools and materials

Venue: CanRevive Western Sydney Centre


Enquiry & Registration:

CanRevive Western Sydney Centre

Address: 113 Hawkesbury Road, Westmead NSW 2145

Tell: 0429 218 624 劉姑娘 (Alison Liu)