Chairman’s Appeal Letter 2016

Dear Friends and Patrons


2016 – CanRevive’s 21st – Coming of Age !

CanRevive’s coming of age is through a process of dedicated planning, implementation and expansion of its support services to cancer patients, their families and carers. It started off as a small humble group, progressed steadily to a centre based, and has now extended to an outreach based support service organisation.

Based on CanRevive’s founding mission, the provision of these services is always FREE OF CHARGE. To do this effectively, it relied mostly on volunteer workers at the beginning. But as its service delivery channels are widened, part and full-time professional staff are employed progressively to maintain its service standards. The staff costs, centre running expenses and day to day incidentals are now funded by donations and gifts from benefactors, government agencies and internal fund raising activities.

As CanRevive continues to provide free and much needed support services, it will continue to rely heavily on these traditional funding sources.

It is a PERPETUAL process!

Financial Independence – Coming of Age ?

To continue CanRevive’s charitable work, and to ensure its long term viability, CanRevive Cancer Foundation was established in 2011. Its objective is to provide CanRevive with funds out of the Foundation’s investment income.

Its first fund raising target of $5 million was set in 2012.

With all your generous gifts and donations since, I am able to share with you the GOOD NEWS!

The good news is that the Foundation has raised almost 40% of the target sum.


On behalf of the Foundation, I would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all our patrons and donors who have given so generously over the years.

Looking ahead, however, there is still much more work to do before reaching our target, and we all know very well that the other 60% of the target sum is still held by our CanRevive supporters within our community.

Therefore I urge you not only to dig deeper into your pocket this year, but also pledge regular contributions for the next few years.

In addition, I encourage you and your friends to become donating patrons of CanRevive.

In doing so, you are helping the Foundation to reach its fund raising target more quickly.

In other words, you are helping CanRevive to achieve its Coming of Age – its Financial Independence, an ingredient much needed for CanRevive to continue with its mission.

On this note, I wish you all enduring good health and prosperity.

Enjoy the Pleasure of Giving and Caring – no one should face cancer alone!

With best wishes

Stephen Liu
CanRevive Cancer Foundation