Music Therapy Class

Course Aim: Through music activities and creative experiences, enhance the capacity to deal with stress and express emotions; to reduce the pain and control side effects of treatment, and improve the quality of a holistic life.

Date: 23 Oct to 27 Nov, 2017 (Monday)

Time:10:30 am – 12:00 noon

Target Group: Chinese cancer patients / carers


(1) music listening, music selection and learn how to meditate: strengthen the focus; through imagination, looking for balance and meet people’s emotions, to achieve therapeutic effect

(2) learn to relax, ease the stress and pain

(3) music movement activities to enhance interaction, improve body coordination and encourage physical activity

(4) music therapy activities are conducted in a relaxed environment, allow participants to communicate with each other to express their inner feelings

(5) creative experiences – to develop positive energy and positive thinking; express feelings, enhance the vitality of thinking –which enhance the effectiveness of healing


No. of Participants:20

Instructor:Ms Hilda Kwan (Music Therapist)

Fee:$5 (for 6 lessons)

Venue:City Head Office

Enquiry/Registration: 9212-7789