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What's On

Light in the Darkness Support Group – CanRevive Sydney Head Office

Aim:An intensive support group for patients/carers with cancer recurrence. A palliative care nurse practitioner will deliver a talk on nursing & care and answer your questions. There will also be sessions for sharing experiences within the group. Date:26 July to 16 August, 2024 (4 lessons, every Friday) Time:10:30am – 12:30pm Venue:City Head Office or Zoom […]


Guolin Qigong Exercise Class – Sydney City Centre

「郭林氣功」訓練班  Guolin Qigong Exercise Class 日期:2024年8月20日至10月8日(逢星期二-共八課) Date: 20 August to 8 October 2024 (Every Tuesday-8 sessions) 時間:下午2:00至下午4:00 Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm 對象:癌病患者及關顧者 Target: Cancer Patients & Carers 義務導師:國際郭林氣功文化研究會(澳洲分會)導師 Voluntary Instructor: Instructor from the International Guolin Qigong Culture Research (Australia) Association 語言:廣東話 Language: Cantonese 費用:$10 (名額15位) Fee: $10 (15 Participants) 地點:更生會悉尼總會 Sydney City Centre […]


Baduanjin Qigong – CanRevive Northern Sydney Centre

八段錦是一套簡單易學的氣功功法,有強身及養生之功效,並改善新陳代謝、增強心肺功能及促進血液循環,從而提高人體生理機能。 Baduanjin is a set of simple and easy-to-learn Qigong exercises that helps strengthening the body and maintaining good health. It can also improve metabolism, enhance cardiopulmonary function and promote blood circulation, thereby enhancing the body’s physiological functions. 日期:2024年6月5日至7月31日 (逢星期三, 共七堂) Date:5 June to 31 July 2024 (every Wed, 7 lessons) 時間:上午10 時30分至下午12時 Time:10:30 am […]


Winter is coming-CanRevive Western Sydney Service Centre

冬季暖笠笠養生系列❄ 更生會西悉尼服務中心 6月份我們一連4星期會以冬季養生為主題,以艾草養生、皮膚科醫生分享癌症治療皮膚護理小貼士、自製護手霜及天然暖暖包DIY! 查詢及報名請致電(0429 218 624)與張姑娘聯絡!🙌