President’s Message

2015 marks an important milestone for CanRevive. Twenty years ago, CanRevive, a non-profit, non-denominational organisation was established to provide support and information to people living with or affected by cancer. Today, its mission is to give emotional support to ensure no one needs to face cancer alone.

The dedication and passion of our three founding members, together with a handful of volunteers, set the framework for providing services at that time. Patient/Carer support groups, hospital visits, phone support, public information and education sessions built a solid foundation on which CanRevive has thrived and continued to flourish to this day.

Over two decades, CanRevive has grown into a fully fledged institution which comprises two service centres run by 2 full-time and 4 part-time staff, and over 120 volunteers.

Patient support groups are now designed to address the needs of patients at different stages of their illnesses; Carer support groups extended to include bereaved families, and scheduled visits are provided to six hospitals in the Sydney metropolitan area. An average of over 10 support programs and educational sessions per week are offered to CanRevive members and the general public; these totalled to more than 15,000 occasions of service last year.

CanRevive has also established links and collaborated with government and non-government organizations such as Cancer Council NSW, Cancer Australia, Cancer Institute, Australian Chinese Medical Association and many others to deliver services, run events, promote cancer awareness for the Chinese cancer community.

All of these services are provided for free.

With limited government subsidy, we rely mostly on the generous support from corporate and business friends, and private donors who have kindly sustained us over the years. Medical and health professionals have also contributed their time and expertise, as have various media which have promoted our activities. To them, we extend our deepest gratitude for their unwavering faith in the work we do.

In 2011, we established the CanRevive Cancer Foundation with CanRevive as its sole beneficiary in order to secure the long term viability and tenure of this organisation.
We plan to collaborate with more hospitals and organizations in the future, to extend services to areas not presently covered and to use modern technology viz the CanRevive Web, Youtube, Facebook … to deliver information and connect with like-mind organisations like ourselves.

We urge you to continue offer us your ardent support!